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Born out of high school and

college friendships, REQUIEM

made its debut in 1981. The

group was largely known as 

a "studio" band, producing a

series of albums sometimes

referred to as the Classic 4.

Despite the studio focus, it

was not unusual to catch a

live REQUIEM performance

on occasion. These raucous

outings featured a diverse

selection of classic rock

covers with a healthy dose of

REQUIEM originals.  Perhaps

the crowning achievement for the group came when they received some very coveted radio airplay on WSHE 103.5, the #1 South Florida rock station at the time.


REQUIEM's decade run came to a quiet and uneventful close when their leader and creative mastermind John Muchowski, left for parts unknown. The remaining members went on to perform in other bands, both together and apart. That too would end with Bob Dean departing South Florida. The music went silent.


While REQUIEM was long gone, they were far from forgotten. Over the years, Norm, Bob and Bryan often pondered the whereabouts of their former leader...Enter the age of the Internet. With persistent sleuthing and a good measure of luck all 4 members have been reunited, in the virtual sense at least. While they are states, oceans and continents apart, REQIUEM would become once more. 


As it was in the past, it is now in the present...this little "studio" band is back to its studio roots and Back to You.




Greeting Requi-ites! 2018 is shaping up to be a more productive year for the legendary quartet. New material in the works and from some unexpected sources. The latest single "Our Love" kicks off the New Year.

And what about Bob???

Bob Dean, 2013

If REQIUEM is the sum of it's parts, then Bob Dean is the glue. In the beginning, it was his advanced musicianship that carried the load while the rest of the group worked feverishly to get up to speed.