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Super Girl


When it's broken, she will fix it
You can count on Super Girl
When you're lonesome, she will listen
You can count on that girl
Sympathizing, hypnotizing, mystifying, that girl
Shining like a diamond through your darkest night is Super Girl

Anytime she's gone from home, 
she's gone too long that Super Girl
She has got the magic touch, 
that much I know about that girl
Tantalizing, maximizing, still surprising me, that girl
Magic carpet flying, unicorn riding with that Super Girl

When you're feeling down
she'll make you smile a while, that Super Girl
When it looks like all is lost, it's not
cause you're with Super Girl
Enterprising, improvising, perfect timing, that girl
Not until I've finally lost her
Will I fully comprehend 
what I had got in Super Girl 

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