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Political Piggies
Rock 'n' Roll Johnny

Production and engineering for "Back to You" took place at the home studio of bandmate Bryan McGurn using the latest Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software. Recording sessions took place in-studio and remotely due to the widespread locations in which some of the members reside. The remote takes were exchanged through the internet and mixed to create the finished songs. The project schedule extended beyond expectation due to learning curves, distances and life. It took nearly 3 years to complete after its start.

Back to You

The original REQUIEM catalog of songs were recorded over the course of 10 years. Production and engineering took place at the home studio of bandmate Bob Dean. Initial tracks were produced with primitive "ping-pong" recording techniques before Bob's budget would allow for some early consumer multitrack tape equipment. Dubbed "Reverb Bob", Mr. Dean's inventiveness and creativity as REQUIEM's production engineer was only rivaled by his contribution as lead guitarist and musician of all trades. 


While the fidelity of the recordings improved over time,

REQIEUM has elected to keep this material in the vault.


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