I, Q


This goes out to the losers who won't admit that he won

a landslide

at least that's what he says, and he's an honorable man

as honest as they come


Anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers,

conspiracy theorists of all kinds

anti-anti-fascists, anti-fact-checkers, 

i want you to know i'm on your side


We finally had a man at the helm in whom we all could be proud

a strong man

but soy-boys and socialists predictably hate 

a great businessman

manly man

a family man


Ku Klux Klanners, Blue Lives Matter 

there's very fine people on both sides

vigilantes, brainwashed zombies

it's good that we're all of the same mind


Liar, "Fox and Friends" on fire 

Heaven sent a new Messiah 

kept our country safe from Muslims

saved us lots of taxes too


We don't need no Europeans

put your trust in North Korea

never went to Vietnam

unlike that loser, John McCain


Why's it that the military

say his patriotism's phoney ?

Don the Con, he ain't no sucker

making Russia great again


Never again will we let the majority win

when push comes to shove, 

if our very own judges refuse to play along

we've got a fool-proof back-up plan

we're gonna take the law into our own hands


Vote suppressors, false electors

i want you to know i'm a Proud Boy

Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, 

we need you to stand up and stand by